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strength and mobility for quality of life for years to come

60 year old man on bike with coach in a gym

What Our Clients Say

"This approach to strengthening my aging body has truly changed everything. The training at Jimmies focuses on varied, challenging and motivating movements to help build strength, mobility, balance and cardio endurance...exactly what I didn’t know I actually needed!!" - R.R.

Build the strength and mobility you need to live life to the fullest

Jimmies provides targeted fitness and wellness instruction to the 50-75 year-young. Through careful assessment and coaching in a welcoming environment, we increase your strength and mobility, improve agility, and alleviate pain symptoms, whether its for everyday life tasks or a competitive game of tennis or golf.

60 year old man strength training in a gym

Online & Onsite Services for All Levels

Whether you'd like to train onsite, online, in a group, or one on one, we offer a service that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Jimmies, a space we built for you


Jimmies is more than just a gym. You can spend time in our Après Sweat cafe to chat with us, with a friend or to simply enjoy a well deserved smoothie after your workout. You also have access to our locker rooms, each equipped with showers, towels and toiletries. Also, we are conveniently located one minute off of Decarie and have free and ample parking.

Client Reviews

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