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Group Classes

Classes are fun, music-filled circuits in which you'll perform upper body, lower body, core, and conditioning exercises that will make anyone love coming to the gym. Our classes are built to accommodate nearly any level (exception: if you have severe pain or injuries, or have never exercised, we recommend 2-5 semiprivates before jumping into classes).



In a semi-private session, you and up to two others train with a coach who prescribes each of you your own program to meet your individual needs. Our coach will closely supervises you and the other clients. Semi-private sessions are the best solution when you have specific goals (e.g. sports related), injuries that need special attention, or little training experience. You do not need to worry about finding others to book with--we take care of that.


Salsa & Bachata Dance Classes

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Introduction to Strength Training Workshop

*starting winter 2024

Lower Back Pain Workshop

*starting winter 2024

Private Training

Space rental & toddler free play

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