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Our Mission

At Jimmies, our mission is to provide targeted fitness and wellness instruction to the modern senior, or what we prefer to call the 50-75 year-young demographic. Through careful assessment and coaching in a welcoming environment, we help increase mobility and strength, alleviate pain symptoms, and maintain faith in your bodies – whether that means taking on life’s routine demands with renewed confidence, or taking your sport to a new level. Your work at Jimmies today allows you to live with a greater quality of life in the future.

man strength training with a coach in a gym

Our Method

At Jimmies we emphasize proper movement patterns, power and functional strength. Why? Because that’s what we all need to maintain quality of life and avoid injury. Jimmies coaches work from our concrete training methodology that prepares you to live an active, healthy and independent life.


We offer both group classes and semi-private training sessions, where form is monitored and gradual, safe progression emphasized. The atmosphere is welcoming, and our staff is understanding and encouraging. At Jimmies, we seek to build a community experience for our clients, in a space that makes them feel comfortable.

Our Story

Jimmies was born out of a lifelong passion for sports and physical activity. Its founder, Ali Le Pierrès, Bsc. Kin, MA Education, knows first-hand the benefits of regular physical activity: confidence, a sense of accomplishment, energy to pursue other passions, and the peace of mind that comes with being proactive about your health and well-being. 


In her time spent in gyms as a Kinesiology student she realized there was a problem: one of the groups that stood to benefit the most from physical activity was the least well served. She knew that our muscle mass starts to decline at an alarming rate as of the age of 50 when strength training is not practiced. She also never forgot the photo in her anatomy class of a man who was 70 years old and as muscular and toned as any 25 year old gym rat. She knew that proper strength training was essential to allow the us to live later years with quality of life, but she also realized that the atmosphere of commercial gyms is intimidating and the variety of machines and equipment can be overwhelming. 


After pondering and perfecting this business idea for eight years, Ali created Jimmies to address the needs of our aging bodies and to allow people to live fun, healthy and autonomous lives.

female founder of the training centre
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