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Is Jimmies a geriatric centre?

No, Jimmies is targeted to 50 to 75 year olds and does not position itself as a geriatric service. We offer physical training for those who are seeking to elevate their fitness level in order to sustain a great quality of life for years to come.

Who is Jimmies for?

Jimmies is for people 50-75 years young who are looking to workout with like-minded individuals, using the best and safest training methods available.

What are the benefits of training at Jimmies?

We help to increase your mobility and strength, alleviate pain symptoms, and restore faith in your body for years to come.  Training at Jimmies will help you avoid injury, maintain your autonomy and improve your quality of life in the future.



Can I train at Jimmies if I am over 75?

Yes, you can train at Jimmies if you are over 75. Depending on your fitness level and experience training, you may find the pacing of the classes are too quick and that you would prefer training in a semi-private session. We encourage you to book a free trial and see if Jimmies is the right fit for you.



Can I train at Jimmies if I am under 50?

Yes, if you are nearing 50 and feel like the current training facilities available to you don't feel comfortable or reflect the kind of environment you want to train in, then we suggest you book a free trial and see if Jimmies feels right for you.



I have back pain. Can I train at Jimmies?

Yes, if you have back pain, come and train at Jimmies! Having a strong core and glute muscles is essential for reducing your back pain. We train you in a way that not only works around your pain but that will reduce it within weeks.



I have never been to a gym before, can I come to Jimmies?

Yes, definitely. You will be welcomed warmly by the front desk attendant when you arrive, and our coach will slowly walk you through your first session. Before you know it, you will feel like you have been training your entire life.



If I am athletic and in good shape, is Jimmies the right fit for me?

Yes, absolutely. At Jimmies, we cater to all fitness levels ranging from avid tennis and hockey players to those who are entering a gym for the first time. How do we do this? Book a free trial and check it out. We guarantee we can give fit clients the best workout of their lives.

Do I need to take semi-private sessions before classes?

No, it is not an obligation to take semi-privates before classes, however we highly recommend it for members who are not familiar with training their bodies.

I see on your website that you have semi-privates, rather than privates. Can I book a private?

At Jimmies, a semi-private means that when you arrive you may have 1-2 other people being coached by the same coach in your session. Each of you, however, will have your unique program based on your goals and needs. The other clients' level will not affect your session. If you are a beginner and absolutely would like to start with a one-on-one session, give us a call at 514-733-6555.



I travel often. Can I pause my sessions?

When you purchase a package of sessions, they will remain active on your account for 1 year, so you do not need to worry about loosing them when you are away for a few weeks.

Can I work out in Jimmies on my own?

No. In order to uphold our high quality standards in training and results, all member must train with a coach either in a class or semi-private session.

Can I train online and onsite?

Yes, you can choose to purchase a mix of online and onsite training sessions to fit your lifestyle.



I do Yoga. Does that give me the same benefits as Jimmies?

No, yoga does not offer the same benefits as functional training. Functional training will not only prevent muscle loss as you age, but will increase your muscle mass and bone density. At Jimmies, you will also work your conditioning (cardio), raising your heart rate much higher than yoga, which is beneficial for your circulatory system. Yoga and training at Jimmies are complimentary.



I have arthritis. Can I train at Jimmies?

Yes, you can certainly train at Jimmies if you have arthritis. Training is crucial for those with arthritis, as it will increase your strength, mobility, and decrease joint pain. We are always listening to and mindful of what makes your body feel good and what causes you pain, so that we can be attentive to your needs at all times.


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