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Our Services

Choose the most attractive and convenient service for you based on your schedule, goals, and geographic location. All sessions are 55 - 60 minutes long. 

Onsite Services

Group Classes

Classes are fun, music-filled circuits in which you'll perform upper body, lower body, core, and conditioning exercises that will make anyone love coming to the gym. We recommend taking 2-5 semi-private sessions, if possible, before jumping into classes, so you can learn the movements and how to use the equipment. 

Semi-Private Training

In a semi-private training session, you and up to two others train with a strength coach who prescribes each of you your own program to meet your individual needs. Our coach closely supervises you and the other clients during the session. Semi-private sessions are the best solution when you have specific goals (e.g. sports related), injuries that need special attention, or little training experience. You do not need to worry about finding others to book with--we take care of that.


New to training? Don't know where to start? Worried about an injury? Book an assessment with us and we'll help you devise the right training path for you. 

woman doing a conditioning drill on the skierg in a gym
online strength training coach

Online Services

*Now only offered during government-mandated closures

Group Classes

In online group classes, you are connected live with a small group of individuals and a Jimmies coach. Our coach demonstrates the movement and then comes to the screen to give you feedback on your form, as well as the dumbbells you should use and number of repetitions that are right for you. 

Private Training

In a private training session, our Jimmies coach trains you one on one with a program designed for your goals, your needs, and the equipment you have at home.

Semi-Private Training

In a semi-private training session, you connect live with a Jimmies coach and a friend or partner with whom you've booked the session. You each receive your individual programs designed for you, your goals and the equipment you have available at home.

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